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The LVAF Listserve is a free way to keep informed or get involved in visual arts events and opportunities in Leeds. As a Listserve subscriber you will receive notice of events, commissions, collaborations, calls for submission, job postings, and news about the art scene in Leeds.

Here are some simple guidelines on how to make the most of the Listserve:


1. Send a blank email to
2. Provide your email address and password upon request.
3. Once registered you can also post your own messages in the form of text-only emails to
For queries about LVAF please contact


If you need to contact the organiser of an event please make sure that you contact the correct person, you may find his/her details within the body of the message. Note that in most cases the member/sender who posted the message is not the person responsible for the event.


The LVAF team moderates the messages before they appear in the Listserve. As a general rule LVAF publicises the following, but if you do have something that you would like to publicise that you do not feel falls into any of the below categories please drop us a line and we will see if LVAF can help!

Exhibitions / Events / Projects / Volunteer opportunities / Work opportunities / Exhibition opportunities / Materials or equipment needed / Materials or equipment for sale or for free

Please use the following as a general checklist when submitting to LVAF:

1. Please provide us with the following information –
Email Title (this is the subject field): Title of what you are publicising
In the email body please include:
Brief description: 200 words max.
Dates of event: if applicable.
Contact information: Include clear contact details or links for your event.
Text Only: Do not send any attachments or images with your message, the Listserve is text-only and these will be removed.

2. Please make sure you spell check the above information before submitting.

3. Please allow one week for the information above to be proceed by the LVAF team and posted on LVAF.

Tweeting – You can follow LVAF in twitter @lvafnews. If tweeting about your event/course/project etc, remember to add the hashtag #lvafnews into your tweet. It all helps to get your event/course/project etc. heard to as many people as possible!